LFS Car Importer

LFS Car Importer 1.0

LFS Car Importer is a program for importing car models to Live For Speed
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LFS Car Importer is a freeware program created by MagnoT. This tool is necessary to successfully import car models to Live For Speed (Patch Z currently). It not only imports cars but lets you manage several things related to LFS car models. Although the user version of the present build is limited I didn't encounter any problems to create a LFS car modification. It might support previous version of LFS.
This software is at disposure free of charge. It was developed and licensed to users under the name 'LFS Car Importer'. The user, as Licensee, can not redistribute or sell it. This software does not offer danger to the final user. It does not collect any kind of data or information.

Open the LFS Car Importer and load a vob file (FZ.vob in this case).
Now you will notice that a lot of stuff is loaded. We'll concetrate in the material list for now. That's your reference for properly edit you 3d model in ZModeler. The list stores all available materials for FZs cars. We will assign those material names to our 3d model faces.

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